Outdoor Attraction and Activities

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Outdoor Attraction and Activities

Outdoor Attraction is the growing activity these days in Nepal that everyone is attracted to. What you may not have realized, however, there are lots of activities in Nepal that you can perform. Check out this impressive list.

As Nepal is popular for its natural beauty, the first up on our list is Trekking. Many people from around the world come to Nepal, especially for Trekking. The country is best known for the mountains which make it a perfect destination for people who want to trek. Most of the peaks of the world lie in Nepal. Similarly, the weather is also appropriate. Also, the Trek varies from easy to difficult level. You can choose the trek according to your health and capacity.

Bungee jumping

Next, we have is Bungee Jumping. Bungee is not only famous among the domestic population but also throughout the world. It is interesting and a thing of guts to jump from high above. Many people get scared of this activity but after they do it they will want to do it again. The popular Place for Bungee jumping in Nepal is the Bhotekoshi Bridge.


Another is Paragliding and skiing. These two are the most interesting on the list. You will feel like flying in the sky as a bird. The most popular place for paragliding and skiing is Pokhara.


Last but not the least, Mountain biking which is done in the mountainous area. Difficult to do but loved by many, it should be done by the people who already have the experience or with the guide.

Besides the above mentioned, there are still a lot of other outdoor activities you can experience canoeing, zip flyer, cycling and so forth.

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