Top 5 Trek in Nepal During Monsoon season

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Top 5 Trek in Nepal During Monsoon season

Nepal is rich in its Himalaya, Culture, Heritage and the ambiance it provides. Large Number of people around the world come to visit this beautiful country. Usually autumn and spring are best season to visit as the weather is very good to see the clear view of Himalaya and it makes trek more pleasant than other season. But no everybody get the holiday during above mentioned season. So if you are planning to visit Nepal during the Monsoon season then here are the top destination in Nepal  you can visit in that season .

  1. Upper mustang trek

           UPPER MUSTANG Trek is formally known as Lo is the remote and isolated region of the Nepalese Himalayas. The place was forbidden for outsiders until 1992 so it is well preserved and unspoiled region comprising ancient, medieval Tibetan culture. Mustang lies in the rain shadow of Dhaulagiri massif creating rugged arid landscape surrounded by rocks of different color and in every kind of formations.
Thousand years of monasteries, Gumbas, caves and barren landscape with dotted settlements and small valleys along the bank of Kali Gandaki river and panoramic view of Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna mountains throughout the trail pays off the hard toil. A trek to this fabled forbidden kingdom of vast arid valleys, eroded canyons, yak caravans, colorful mud painted stone houses and chortens, the unique culture of Mustang people and lifestyle of locals on the backdrops of many snow-capped mountains makes the Mustang trek especial one.

2. Upper Dolpo Trek 

          Upper Dolpo Trek situated between the Tibetan plateau and the Dhaulagiri mountain range is the biggest district of Nepal and is also one of two districts that lie beyond the Trans-Himalaya. Upper Dolpo trek which is one of the isolated trekking routes of Nepal offers the real adventure through a remote, rugged and unspoiled corner in every trail that we follow. Upper Dolpo Trek preserves the ancient remnants of Tibetan pre-Buddhist traditions and Bon-to religion. Shey Phoksundo Lake is another highlight of the Upper Dolpo trek. The name Shey is derived from the ancient Shey Monastery and is conserved under the Shey Phoksundo Conservation Area. The finally preserved ecosystem encompasses the many wild and variety of flora and fauna. Shey Phoksundo Lake which is on the foot of Knajirowa Mountain is one of the spectacular of the treks. The mysterious trails, last enclave of pure Tibetan culture, spectacular view of mountains, Gumbas, monasteries, remote valleys and few dwellers high above the mountains.

3. Annapurna Circuit Trek (upper Manang)

           Annapurna Circuit Trek is the best way to explore the Himalayan environment within a single trek.  Nature and its divergence, culture and its colors, religion and its acceptance you will get to view all in the single package of Annapurna Circuit trek. The highest point of this trek is Throungla pass at the altitude of 5416 m. This pass is quiet challenging and difficult too.

4. Narphu Valley Trek

           NAR PHU VALLEY TREK is Located in Annapurna Region-north of Manang. Nar Phu Valley Trek is one of the fascinating journeys: that takes you to the ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture and far from the modern urban civilization.
NAR PHU VALLEY TREK  is A new off the beaten path provides a copious supply of original Tibetan Buddhist culture- which is unadulterated and archaic. People living in this vicinity still follow this culture. Besides, these the wild and craggy path comprises many monasteries, ancient Gombas, dry and drought landscapes, unique houses, glaciers, high peaks, and snow-capped mountains, green valleys, rivers, green lush vegetation and forests, yak, narrow canyons and unique rock formations and more.

5. Humla Limi valley trek

          Humla is one of the most remote Place in Nepal and one of the largest districts. It is accessible through air service only and the flights depend upon the season too (Simikot Airport).  It has many salt trade roots. Though it extremely remote the people are very generous and full of humanity. The steep ascents and steep descents make it one of the toughest trekking trails. But the awesome scenery will make it worth it. Limi valley is one of the popular places in humla. The friendly locals, monasteries, pine forest, Karnali George, saipal and nalakand mountain range.Through this trek you can also see the mules carrying goods and the caravan. The people follow Buddhism and on the western part there are Hindus too.



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