Trekking In Nepal and Travel Insurance

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Trekking In Nepal and Travel Insurance

Nepal is a small and naturally beautiful country where every year lots of people travel to witness the majestic Himalayas and the diversified natural beauties. Over the few years, the Tourism industry has concerned as one of the leading industry in Nepal. Being, one of the famous travel destinations in the world and listed as one of the top 10 destinations in Lonely Planet, there is no doubt that tourism is flourishing in Nepal and it could be on your bucket list next and for some of us this wonderland full of ancient history, culture and natural beauty might have been the best tour of life. Well, if I continue to describe Nepal, not only as a citizen but also being a true nature lover I can probably go on and on.
So, to cut it short, if you are planning to visit Nepal or if Nepal is on your bucket list here is the million dollar question you have to ask yourself, Do you have travel insurance? By million I really don’t mean a million but at least 10 grand. Travel insurance gives you peace of mind, extra confidence in your journey and more than that it saves your investment.

What to look for before buying Travel Insurance if you are traveling to Nepal?

This solely depends on what you really want to protect hotel, airfare, medical protection, theft and more. Be sure, that your health insurance covers medical services, as it might not always be the case, so before you go out traveling to the Himalayas double check your health insurance.
Altitude sickness is more common if you are traveling to the Himalayas above an altitude of 4,000 meters from sea level. Every famous destination –Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, Kanchenjunga Base Camp or expedition there is always a risk of altitude sickness. Facture, broken bones, an ankle injury is also more common in any other activity involving trekking, climbing, rafting, jungle safari. So, it is wise to choose a policy that covers medical and emergency evacuation including helicopter rescue in case of serious situations.
Travel insurance covers extreme and sudden unexpected events, so every traveler should buy travel insurance. There are many policies so choosing a policy that covers theft, loss and medical problems is an excellent idea for travel in Nepal.
It is better to choose a policy that pays directly to hospitals, doctors and to any designated institute rather than you paying yourself and claim later, in case if your insurance company doesn’t pay upfront, do not forget to take a receipt so that you can claim later.

How important is travel insurance? Is it compulsory?

Well, imagine you are travelling to unknown places high in the Himalayas and unfortunately you got sick or you lost your footing or you have broken bones ankles and you are left on your own and you don’t have travel insurance and you are out of your budget to pay for whatever the expenses are required, it might take you days to contact back to your home and get assistance and this might get more serious if the condition gets critical, and believe me there are many true stories as such. So, if you are traveling to Nepal travel insurance is a must. Whether you travel lower altitudes like Chitwan, Pokhara, Kathmandu or high altitudes like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Kanchenjunga Base Camp or any other mountains or you are willing to do adventure activities like rafting, bungee, paragliding, rock climbing or jungle safari travel insurance is a must.
Travel insurance will save your investment in the case of:-
a.       Altitude Sickness
b.      Accidents
c.       Illness and epidemics
d.      Theft
e.       Delayed flights and baggage
Don’t go haphazardly for random cheap travel insurance policies it’s never a good decision. You should know that “Lower the price” – “Lower the Coverage” and vice-versa which may cost your investment and even life.
Keep traveling stay safe and secure your investment in choosing the best policy.

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