Visit Nepal Year 2020

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Visit Nepal Year 2020

In 2011, the Ministry of Tourism in Nepal came with a plan “Visit Nepal year 2011”. The plan was somewhat successful due to the cooperation of the government and people.

Now, the Ministry of Tourism has come up with the next plan called “Visit Nepal Year 2020”.

Will it be successful?

Let’s hope for the best.

So, let us start with a short intro on Visit Nepal year 2020.

Tourism is one of the growing businesses in Nepal and has great potential to advance the economic sector of the country. Even without sufficient resources and infrastructure, Nepal is successful to become one of the featured nations on the list.

Visit Nepal year is introduced with the aim of enhancing the tourism sector in Nepal. In the year 2020, it is assumed that the number of tourists will be doubled roughly from previous years.

Nepal is a country of paradise due to its natural beauty. 8 out of 14 highest peaks in the world lie in Nepal. Not only the peaks but Nepal is the birthplace of Gautama Buddha who is known as the light of Asia. The rivers, lakes, glacial mountains, deep valley, jungles, and many more, it is obvious to aim for the double number of tourists in 2020.

Highlights of Visit Nepal Year 2020

  • The highest mountain “Mt. Everest”
  • Birthplace of Gautama Buddha
  • Construction of new International Airport
  • More than 6000 rivers and rivulets
  • Newly discovered lake at an altitude
  • Adventure activities and challenging Treks
  • Expedition and peak climbing
  • Trek to Beautiful deep valleys
  • Ancient Art and Architecture
  • Buddhist Tourism
  • Yoga and Spiritual Tour
  • Handicraft class and so forth


Goals of Visit Nepal year 2020

  • Increase employment opportunity to the local people
  • The economic growth of the nation
  • Business opportunities for many people inside the country
  • Increase the arrival of tourists in Nepal
  • Revenue earning

Objectives of Visit Nepal year 2020

  • Develop Nepal as the major attraction for the tourists by promoting and conserving natural, cultural, historical and human-made heritages.
  • Promote tourism for the development and make it the basis of the national economy.
  • Result in the increment of employment and business
  • Develop eco-tourism and rural tourism with poverty alleviation
  • Sustainable use of the infrastructure
  • Development of Tourism infrastructure
  • Develop and promote tourism by safe, reliable, easy and other means of transportation
  • Attract new investments in the country

What to expect in Visit Nepal year 2020

  • Diversity among the people
  • Cultural Experience
  • Trekking and mountaineering
  • Adventure activities
  • A warm welcome of Nepalese and there kind behavior
  • Nature
  • Learning a new culture and lifestyle
  • Heritage experience
  • New people from around the world with the new experience

Access the Asia in Visit Nepal 2020


Access the Asia Treks is a trekking agency, a mountaineering company, a travel agency, and a tour operator, based on the heart of Kathmandu. When it comes to enjoying trekking adventure holiday in Nepal, it will take you to the remotest part of the Himalayan Region, which has a lot of snow-covered mountains. And it is there that it follows the adventurous itinerary that suits your purpose and that gives you an experience of a lifetime.

Since we are near to the year 2020, we Access the Asia team would like to welcome all our local as well as International guests with better services and exciting offers to explore the beautiful country of this planet “NEPAL”.

What does Access the Asia offer in 2020?

  • Welcoming the guests at the International Airport
  • 15% discount in each package
  • Dinner after or before the trek
  • Sightseeing tour included in each package
  • Packages can be customized as per the need of our guests
  • Kathmandu city cycling Tour
  • Other exciting services and offers with lots of surprises



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