Why Kanchenjunga is popular nowadays???

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Why Kanchenjunga is popular nowadays???

Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world with an elevation of 8,586 meters. It is located between Nepal and Sikkim of India. It is also the first highest mountain of India and second highest of Nepal after Mt. Everest. Kanchenjunga is also spelled as Kangchenjunga which interprets “Five Treasures of Snow,” mentioning Kangchenjunga’s five peaks. Main, Central, and South Kanchenjunga lie in the border between North Sikkim and Nepal and the other two are in Taplejung District of Nepal.


Kangchenjunga was supposed to be the highest mountain in the world up to 1852 but in 1849 the British Great Trigonometric Survey found out Mt. Everest as the Highest peak of the world. Joe Brown and George Band were the first to climb Kanchenjunga on 25 May 1955. To reach the summit of Kanchenjunga, there are four climbing routes. Among them, three are in Nepal from the southwest, northwest, and northeast, and one from northeastern Sikkim in India.

Why Kanchenjunga is popular nowadays???

Kanchenjunga, being the third highest peak in the world is gaining popularity nowadays within Travelers and Trekker. Some of the reasons behind the popularity are:

Third highest peak

As we all know, Kanchenjunga is popular as the third highest peak in the world. Due to its popularity, many travelers are interested in the trek to Kanchenjunga.

Less Traveled

Kanchenjunga Trekking is the less traveled trekking trail as it one of the adventures trek in Nepal. It is the unspoiled trail. As the trails are less explored by people, there won’t be crowd while on the trek. The view will be perfect and you do not have to mix yourself up in the crowd to watch it.

Panoramic View

Kanchenjunga itself falls under one of the beautiful peaks of the world. With its beauty, it offers the Himalayan Panoramas including  Makalu and the popular river of Nepal Arun and Tamor on the way. Also, the waterfalls, hills, flora, and fauna, on the way are really amazing and stunning.

Trek for the adventure lover

Kanchenjunga falls under the adventurous Trek. So it is suitable especially for adventure lovers. The rugged trails, scattered settlements, monsoon downpours make the trekking more challenging. This trek requires physical fitness, technical knowledge, and determination which can be found in Adventure lovers.

Natural and cultural

Trek to Kanchenjunga includes farmlands, traditional villages, valleys and other landscape with a view of stunning mountain ranges. Similarly, people with unique cultures and lifestyles are found in this vicinity. Sherpa, Limbu, Rai, Tamang are some of the ethnic groups living here who will welcome us with warm hospitality.


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