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  • Upper Dolpo trek

Trip Highlight

Off the beaten trek path Extreme remoteness Traditional and enthralling pre-Buddhist and Tibetan culture High passes that remain closed by snow 2/3rd of the year Deepest lake of Nepal Shey Phoksundo lake Ancient lovely Buddhist Monasteries, chhortens and mani walls Rich wildlife Many mountains and lakes


Upper Dolpo Trek situated between the Tibetan plateau and the Dhaulagiri mountain range is the biggest district of Nepal and is also one of two districts that lie beyond the Trans-Himalaya. Upper Dolpo trek which is one of the isolated trekking routes of Nepal offers the real adventure through a remote, rugged and unspoiled corner in every trail that we follow. Upper Dolpo Trek preserves the ancient remnants of Tibetan pre-Buddhist traditions and Bon-to religion. Shey Phoksundo Lake is another highlight of the Upper Dolpo trek. The name Shey is derived from the ancient Shey Monastery and is conserved under the Shey Phoksundo Conservation Area. The finally preserved ecosystem encompasses the many wild and variety of flora and fauna. Shey Phoksundo Lake which is on the foot of Knajirowa Mountain is one of the spectacular of the treks. The mysterious trails, last enclave of pure Tibetan culture, spectacular view of mountains, Gumbas, monasteries, remote valleys and few dwellers high above the mountains makes our 22 days journey memorable.

Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu –Transfer to Hotel

Day 02: Sightseeing Kathmandu and pre-trip meeting and planning O/N at hotel

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj O/N at  hotel

Day 04: Fly From Nepalgunj to Juphal (2475m) and trek to Dunai(2140m) 2/3 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 05: Trek  from Dunai (2140m) to Chhepka (2838m) 6/7 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 06: Trek from Chhepka(2838m) to Jharna (3110m) camp site 6/7 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 07: Trek from Jharna (3110m) to Shey Phoksundo/Ringmo(3733m) 3/4 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 08: Acclimatization and Rest day at Phoksundo Lake

Day 09: Trek from Phoksundo Lake to Forest Camp(3750)m 7/8 hrs of walking 0/N at camp

Day 10: Trek from Forest Camp to Kangla High Camp (4120m) 6/7 hrs of walking

Day 11: Trek from Kangla High Camp to Shey-Gumba(4160m) 7/8 hrs of walking 0/N at camp

Day 12: Acclimatization and Rest Day at Shey-Gumba O/N at camp

Day 13: Trek from Shey-Gumba to Namgung(4430m) 7/8 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 14: Trek from Namgung to  Saldang (3770m) 6/7 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 15: Trek from  Saldang  to  Khomagaun (4060m) 7/8 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 16: Acclimatization and Rest day at  Khomagaun  O/N at camp

Day 17: Trek from  Khomagaun  to Shimengaun(3870m) 7/8 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 18: Trek from Shimengaun to Tinge(4150m) 7/8 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 19: Trek from Tinge to  Rapka (4535m) 8/9 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 20: Trek from   Rapka  to Chharka-Bhot(4110m) 7/8 hrs of walking 0/N at camp

Day 21: Trek from Chharka-Bhot to Molum  Sumna (4860m) 8/9 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 22: Trek from  Molum   Sumna  to Sangda Phedi(4190m) 8/9 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 23: Trek from Sangda Phedi to  Sangda (3710m) 6/7 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 24: Trek from  Sangda  to Kagbeni(2800m) 8/9 hrs of walking O/N at camp

Day 25: Trek from Kagbeni to  Jhomsom  (2720m) 3/4 hrs of walking O/N at lodge

Day 26: Fly from  Jhomsom  to Pokhara 40 minutes of flight, sightseeing Pokhara O/N at  hotel

Day 27: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu 6/7 hrs of driving O/N at  hotel

Day 28: Rest/Spare day in Kathmandu and  fare well  dinner with  team  member

Day 29: Final Departure

Physical fitness
Dolpo Trek can be done by anyone with a normal health condition. It is a strenuous trek that takes you to the beautiful valleys and amazing region of Nepal. It is ok to practice carrying the weight which will be helpful to carry your stuff.

Lodging and food
We will be greeting you at the International airport and make your stay possible at one of the 3-star hotels in the town. While you are on the Trek, you will be staying at the Teahouses/Lodge. The stay may be twin sharing or single(depends on what you want and it is difficult to find a separate bedroom at high above). Likewise, Access the Asia will take you to the best possible place where you can enjoy the hygienic Nepali as well as International food. Accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner at different areas during trekking and in camping as per the holiday plan will be provided. For the Lunch and Dinner, while staying at Kathmandu, you are responsible for the payment. There will be the farewell dinner with every guest after they return from their Trek.

Best Time to travel
May, June, July, August, September, and October is the best for Upper Dolpo Trekking.

Generally, we offer tourist bus for Trekking. If you want to travel in private vehicles then we can make it possible but it may take extra charges. Flights are also available.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu –Transfer to Hotel

Upon arrival in Kathmandu our representative from Access The Asia with placard will pick us from Tribhuvan International Airport and take us to our hotel with Bed and Breakfast plan.

Day 02: Sightseeing Kathmandu and pre-trip meeting and planning

On this day our city guide will meet you at the hotel and we start a guided city tour of historical and traditional attractions some of which are listed on World Heritage Sites like Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhanath Stupa and many more. Upon completion of our city tour we will gather together for our pre-trip meeting and plan our days ahead. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

Today after breakfast we will drive to Tribhuvan International Airport and take our flight to Nepalgunj as per the schedule that will be about 40 minutes flight. Nepalgunj is located in the western terai region of Nepal and is close to border of India and is the main hub for transition to many other western part of Nepal. Nepalgunj is rich in its own Tharu culture and other ethnic terai traditions. Reaching Nepalgunj our guide will transfer us to hotel. Overnight in Nepalgunj.

Day 04: Fly From Nepalgunj to Juphal (2475m) and trek to Dunai (2140m)

At this day after our early breakfast we will take our flight to Jhupal also known as Dolpa Airport. After landing to Jhupal we will hike to Dunai that will be about 2/3 hrs of hiking and from here our trek starts. Dunai is the Administrative Headquarter of Dolpa district and is on the bank of Bheri River. Reaching Dunai Access The Asia staff will set up the camp and this will be our first night in camp.

Day 05: Trek form Dunai (2140m) to Chhepka (2838m) 6/7 hrs of walking

After breakfast in Dunai our next destination will be Chhepka.Our real adventure to upper Dolpo begins today. After crossing a suspension bridge we leave Dunai and head to Sulighat and in Sulighat we take permit to pass the Shey Phoksundo Conservation Area, now we officially enter the Shey Phoksundo Conservation Area and we are never far form the suli gad river as we always hear the river roar scouring the rocks. Our trails follows the ups and downs the hill and big gigantic rocky mountains and green lush pastures and villages. Arriving Shyanta we cross the couple of suspension bridge and head towards the Chhepka and set a camp at ideal location for overnight stay.

Day 06: Trek from Chhepka(2838m) to Jharna (3110m) camp site 6/7 hrs of walking

The trek continues to head north of the valley as usual. The trial leads beside the Phoksundo Khola and we pass the many small settlements of the Lower Dolpo. The ups and downs along the trail can be a bit monotonous but we will get a many streams and peaceful light forest and bushy trails to cool us off. After reaching Rechi we stop for our lunch and continue our journey and reach the Amchi Hospital. The word Amchi is the local name for traditional doctors in the region after crossing Amchi we reach Jharna at about 6-7 hrs of hiking where we camp for the night.

Day 07: Trek from Jharna (3110m) to Shey Phoksundo/Ringmo(3733m) 3/4 hrs of walking

We will be heading today to Shey Phoksundo river. The path may be a bit hectic but bushy cedars forest and frequent switching of ridges and big cliffs and frequent rest stops counteracts it. We continue our journey along the confluence of Phoksundo Khola (river) and Pungmo Khola (river) and reach the Palam village after a short hike from Palam village we can see the distance view of Phoksundo Lake and mesmerizing view of waterfall which is one of the highest waterfall of Nepal. Next our route descends to vivid and charming Rinmo Village, a scenic setellements of flat roofed stone house, full of mani walls and mud plastered chortens. After short hike from Ringo village we reach Phoksundo lake where we settle for the camping at an ideal location.

Day 08: Acclimatization and Rest day at Phoksundo Lake

This day can be used for getting known to the high altitude and also can be used to explore Phoksundo Lake and Ringmo village and Bon monasteries around the Phoksundo Lake and Ringmo village.

Day 09: Trek from Phoksundo Lake to Forest Camp(3750)m 7/8 hrs of walking

After a warm breakfast we will get ready for the entrance to the Upper Dolpo. We take a western route of Phoksundo Lake.Our route climbs the narrow trail cut on a cliff standing vertically above the Phoksundo Lake which leads to the other side of the Phoksundo Lake. After passing the narrow path through cliff and edges we climb the down hill which leads to the lush meadows and flood plain on the other side of the Phoksundo Lake. Todays trails provides some signals of wilderness and remoteness of the path that we are about to enter. After that we move along the bank of Phoksundo Khola and reach forest camp where we set camp for the night.

Day 10: Trek from Forest Camp to Kangla High Camp(4120m) 6/7 hrs of walking

We continue to follow Phoksundo Khola today also,our path gets narrower and narrower as we ascend up, we get to see impressive cliffs and pretzel rock formation. Our path leads us to a glacial valley heading to north. Along the confluence of Tuk Kyaksa Khola and Ghyampo Kapuwa Khola we cross a wooden bridge and take the north-east route.After a long climb as there is no path as such brings us to a sheep meadow where our trail veers up a steep ravine,soon we arrive at a place where the rapids of the river are calmer, further walk from here brings us yet another valley from where we can see the Kangla-pass, about 30 minutes hike from the valley brings us a hard rocky mountain cliff and rock slab which is Kangla High Camp which is our potential camp site.

Day 11: Trek from Kangla High Camp to Shey-Gumba(4160m) 7/8 hrs of walking

Today we are going to enter the real Dolpo,near the crystal mountain which is scared peak in Dolpo and Dolpo pilgrims circle the mountain once in a summer also known as “Khora”.The path may be a physically demanding as we follow the long steep trail littered with the slate for about 2/3 hours towards the Nangdalo(Kang) La pass. The hard work hiking uphill pays off as we reach the Kang La pass from where we can see the magnificent view of Crystal Mountain, the mountains in the Greater Himalayan trials, and the mesmerizing landscapes of mystical Dolpo. As we descend down the valley floor along the river crossing and re-crossing the river we frequently get to see Yaks and sheep grazing along the meadows, mud caves overlooking the river and many more. A red mud plastered chortens marks the entrance to Shey Gumba where we camp for the night.

Day 12: Acclimatization and Rest Day at Shey-Gumba

We explore around the Shey Gumba. We take a tour of 2-3 hours of different Monasteries around the Shey Gumba. The place is very famous for traditional and ancient pre-Buddhist culture and Bon-po religion. This day provides a deserved rest and time for acclimatization.

Day 13: Trek from Shey-Gumba to Namgung(4430m) 7/8 hrs of walking

Our another morning starts with a warm breakfast and soon follows with the long steep trail leading to Sela Bhanjyang.The landscape along trails are typical dolpo landscapes- barren, enchanting and coarse eroded soil. Following this barren, zigzag path full of coarse eroded soil brings us a steep uphill trail of about 20 minutes to Sela La pass which rewards us with the view of Mustang valley, Kanjirowa range and distance view of Tibet mountains and many more.Finally we descend down to reach the Namgung where we camp for the night.

Day 14: Trek from Namgung to Saldang(3770m) 6/7 hrs of walking

Leaving the Namgung village we continue our journey following the barren, zigzag mountain path.After a long hard up hill climbing we get a glimse of Saldang village high above the Namga Khola surrounded by hills.After a short hike down the hill we reach the Saldang village which is the biggest and relatively prosperous village in inner Dolpo. We set our camp for the overnight stay.

Day 15: Acclimatization and Rest day at Saldang O/N at camp.

This is our another rest day we explore around the Saldang village, visit gumba and return to camp and overnight stay at camp

Day 16: Trek from Saldang to Khomagaun(4060m) 7/8 hrs of walking

Today we hike to Khoma Gaun (Village). Initally we hike to Saldang Lek along the Rapyha Khola to the barren hills and elevate to the Khoma La pass and descend down to Khomagaun which is out today camp site for the night.

Day 17: Trek from Khomagaun to Shimengaun(3870m) 7/8 hrs of walking

Leaving the Khomagaun we pass the small pass Simen La. On the way we pass many small villages and we also may sight animals like Snow leopard and Blue sheep. The landscapes comprises of highland deserts and small shrub like vegetation. After a 6-7 hours of hike we arrive Shimengaun where we camp. Overnight at camp.

Day 18: Trek from Shimengaun to Tinge(4150m) 7/8 hrs of walking

We follow the Panjyang Khola leading to Tinge along the way we can see monasteries and chortens and small settlements. Tinge is small beautiful village on the bank of river where there are many farmlands where buckwheat and barley are grown. Local Barley Beer is produced as drinks.

Day 19: Trek from Tinge to Rapka(4535m) 8/9 hrs of walking

From the village of Tinge we head towards the Rapka along the bank of river. On the trial we can see the open grazing ground for yaks and sheeps. After reaching the Rapka which is ideal place for the camp on the plain grassy meadow we set our camp for the night.

Day 20: Trek from Rapka to Chharka-Bhot(4110m) 7/8 hrs of walking

After our warm breakfast we leave Rapka and head to Chharka-Bhot crossing the Mola La pass.Chharka-Bhot is quite big village. There are many gumbas, chortens, and Bon Monasteries which we can visit.Overnight in camp.

Day 21: Trek from Chharka-Bhot to Molum Sumna(4860m) 8/9 hrs of walking

Today the trail goes through the arid high lands and path may get a bit narrower and there are some up hills on the way reaching to Norbulung, after passing Norbulung we follow the river bank of Thasan Khola. The path undulates and many rivers and suspension bridges are crosed and reach Molum Sumna where we camp for the night at ideal location.

Day 22: Trek from Molum Sumna to Sangda Phedi(4190m) 8/9 hrs of walking

Once again the trial gets elevation as we move from Molum Sumna to Sanga Phedi and now which separates the Dolpo region and Kali Gandaki valley. The path gets narrower and narrower as we move ahead. This day can be one of the hardest as we are about to pass two passes Niwar La pass and Tuchela Pass and the hard day ends at Sangda Phedi where we camp for the night.

Day 23: Trek from Sangda Phedi to Sangda(3710m) 6/7 hrs of walking

Now the trails enters into relatively comfort zone as we move ahead passing many small rivers and bridges Mountains and valleys of Kali Gandaki river opens up in front of us. On reaching Sangda our trek ends for the day form Sangda view of Annapurna range and Dhaulagiri range can be observed. Overnight in camp.

Day 24: Trek from Sangda to Kagbeni(2800m) 8/9 hrs of walking

We climb uphill and spent most of the day making high traverse and crossing ridges and finally descend down to Kali Gandai river and end our day in Kagbeni where we camp for the night.

Day 25: Trek from Kagbeni to Jhomsom (2720m) 3/4 hrs of walking

We follow the Kali Gandaki river which is full of sand and coarse rocked and we pass Eklai Bhatti and continue to follow the barren path to Jhomsom. Jhomsom is the administrative headquater of Mustang district and is prosperous village having hospitals, airports and is famous for apple farming. Overnight in lodge.

Day 26: Fly from Jhomsom to Pokhara 40 minutes of flight, sightseeing Pokhara O/N at hotel

We take an early morning flight to Pokhara as per the schedule which may take 30 minutes. On reaching Pokhara taking a few hours rest we get ready for the sightseeing around Pokhara we visit David Fall, Manhedra cave, Seti gorge and temples that ends our day. Overnight at hotel.

Day 27: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu 6/7 hrs of driving O/N at hotel

After early breakfast we get ready for out travel to Kathmandu. We take a bus from Pokhara Tourist Buss Park and drive 6-7 hours to Kathmandu. Lunch is take on the way.

Day 28: Rest/Spare day in Kathmandu and fare well dinner with team member

This day can be used for relaxation, shopping and walk around the Thamel. In the evening farewell dinner is organized with office representatives. Overnight at hotel.

Day 29: Final Departure

Our office representative will escort you to Tribhuvan International Airport for your onward destination. Access The Asia would like to thank you for joining us.

Date & Price

All Trekking in Nepal,Himalaya Trek,Peak Climbing-Access The Asia Treks adventure travel trips are small group departures and therefore places can fill quickly. To avoid disappointment, we suggest you book your trip as soon as possibl

Dates & Prices

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If our fixed departure dates are not convenient for you or your group, we can also arrange private departures on all of our small group tours. Private group departures will follow the same itineraries as our usual small group tours, or itineraries may be tailormade to suit your own convenient tour date/budgets.

Itineraries may be tailor-made to suit your dates. So if you can’t find a date to suit you or if you want to have your very own tour just with your friends or family then we can help you.

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Many of you may be confused or are totally unknown for what to pack while trekking. Here are some list of equipment/gear that may be helped for you as gears are the key thing of every trekker.

  • Hat
  • Woolen hat
  • Scarf
  • Mask (to prevent yourself from dust)
  • Sunglass

Clothing (Body)

  • 3x T-short
  • 2x thermals tops
  • Down jacket
  • 2x trekkers pants
  • Waterproof pants & Jacked


  • Poly lines gloves
  • Woolen gloves
  • Heavy weight gloves


  • Trekking boots
  • Flip flop
  • 2x inner socks
  • 3x woolen socks
  • Sneakers


  • Head light with extra batteries
  • sleeping bag (Above -10)
  •  Dry pack
  • Water bottle
  • Chemo bag
  • Walking poles
  • Alarm watch
  • Day pack (No more then 15kg)
  • Camera with extra batteries

Personal hygiene:

  • Towel
  • Shampoo & soap
  • Toothpaste & toothbrush
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip guard
  • Body wipes
  • Female hygiene products (for female client)
  • Deodorant


  • Personal first aid kit
  • Dimox or acetylzolamide
  • Headache pills
  • Diarrhea pills
  • Cough / cold medicine
  • Water purification tablets
  • Contact lens supplies


  1. Since of the above mentioned gear down jacket and sleeping bag can be rented.
  2. Our guide will carry a first aid kit but it’s better to have your own.
  3. Bring the entertaining materials as per need.

Cost includes

  • Airport pickup and drop by private vehicle.
  • 3 star hotel in Kathmandu (4 nights or 3 nights as per holiday plan), welcome dinner
  • Sightseeing at Kathmandu with city guide (Cultural and Traditional heritage sites)
  • Duffle bag, Sleeping bag, Down jacket (Sleeping Bag and Down jacket must be returned after the trek is completed)
  • Experienced Government license holder Trekking Guide, Porter (We provide 1 porter for two trekkers), climbing guide, assistant guide and other staffs as per the holiday plan.
  • Entrance fee for various conservation areas, Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) fee
  • Flight or Bus fare as per the holiday plan
  • Accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner at different places during trekking and in camping as per the holiday plan
  • Farewell dinner
  • Accommodation in star rated hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • All government taxes

Cost excludes

  • Visa Charge to Nepal and International flight fare.
  • Lunch and Dinner while staying at Kathmandu.
  • Travel insurance which covers emergency Rescue and Evacuation.
  • International airfare and airport departure tax
  • Hot and cold drinks, alcoholic drinks
  • Climbing gear (As per your request we can hire it for you)
  • Additional charges for service added included in holiday plan.


It is full of adventures and is completely different from the one that is in your country. Its trekking trails are rugged and rough and take you to minimum altitude of 3000 m and maximum to 5000 m plus.

If you are physically fit, who can walk minimum of 4 hours then it is definitely for you. The minimum trekking altitude ranges from 2000 m plus and can go up to the maximum altitude of 5000 m plus.

Yes, you will, because you will be trekking in the remotest himalayan region of the world, where you are not familar with its trail, villages, people, and their culture. There, the local people do not speak English much, so you need a trekking guide, who can speak their language and Nepali.

Children under age 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Above this will be accompanied by a guide.

They are because Access the Asia gives the topmost priority to their safety.

Climbing peak or trekking peak is an easy peak whose summit can be reached within 1 or 2 days. Its height ranges 6000 m plus. Some trekking peaks are Island Peak, Yala Peak, and Mera Peak.

It must include the terms and conditions that you need while trekking in the Himalayan Region in an altitude of 4000 m to 6000 m. Your travel insurance company must provide you Helicopter Evacuation Service. Normally, it will cost you up to US $5000 in Nepal. If you are coming to Nepal for climbing then you must do climbing insurance in your country as well. Carefully check the terms and conditions of your insurance company, especially what they cover during trekking and climbing.

US $ 20 a day is enough to buy a bottle of mineral water, tea, coffee and so on in the remote Himalayan Region.

Yes, you should. There is no fixed rates for tipping. Its up to you. But how much you tip should be reasonable.

The trekking guides of Access the Asia are well - trained in the first aid; they also carry the first aid box and do the necessary treatment for you.

You will be flown to Kathmandu in a helicopter for medical attention.

Lodge or guest house accommodation.

Lodge, where, you will have meal, provides you drinking water. A liter of mineral water at lower elevation costs US$ 1, but at higher elevation, it can cost up to US $4.

Lodges and guest houses.

No. But it will always be its responsibility to finish your trip on time and to follow the itinerary.

Route Map

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