Is Nepal famous for mountain biking and cycling? Are you interested in cycling and mountain biking in the Himalayas and the dirt trials? If so, Nepal is one of the best destinations in the world for cycling and mountain biking as it has some of the best cycling and mountain biking routes. Mountain biking is one of the adventurous events that is organized in the Annapurna and Mustang region above Pokhara, the queen of Nepal. The routes in the Annapurna and Mustang region are suitable for the novice, intermediate and professionals. You can join with your family members, friends or your colleagues for this beautiful experience in the best cycling route of the world. Nepal has many trials that fit for all the riders like dirt, narrow and easy trials. For the professionals, Nepal has some of the most difficult trials with towering mountain views around the trials that makes it one of the awe-inspiring and once in a lifetime experience.

For short cycling trip, Kathmandu Valley is also one of the best places for the visitors to explore the city of Kathmandu. There are multiple cycling trials you can choose in Kathmandu Valley.

Some of the famous cycling and mountain biking trails in Nepal are mentioned below:

1) Himalaya cycling – Annapurna Circuit Mountain Biking

Duration: 14 Days

Total Distance Covered: 250 Kms

2) Mustang Cycling – Mustang/Muktinath Mountain Biking

Duration: 10 Days

Total Distance Covered: 140 Kms

3) Inside Valley Cycling: Kathmandu Valley Mountain Biking

Duration: 7 Days

Total Distance Covered: 50 Kms

4) Nagarkot Cycling: Nagarkot-Namobudhha Mountain Biking

Duration: 5 Days

Total Distance Covered: 120 Kms

5) Pokhara Cycling: Pokhara Lakeside Mountain Biking

Duration: 5 Days

Total Distance Covered: 20 Kms

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