Access the Asia Treks is always focused and determined on creating the nature and environment friendly campaigns on various level organizing different events for the upliftment of the society and the nation in a direct or an indirect way. Since its establishment, our company is highly motivated to accomplish the company’s goal with the execution of the proposed plans and projects.

We are associated with Inspire the Youth Nepal Group by which different events are organized related to as follows:

1) Social Awareness

Sanitary Pad Distribution Campaign

2) Rescue Mission

3) Helping Children

4) Cleaning Campaigns

Bagmati Cleaning Campaign

Bagmati Cleaning Campaign

5) Blood Donation

Blood Donation Campaign


Our main objective is basically for the social and environmental impacts with the operational CSR initiatives done by the Access the Asia Treks with the co-ordination to various organization involved in these kinds of activities.

Future plan and projects

1) Our nearest project is to organize an event to clean the trekking route of the Mountain areas. For this, a dedicated group member will be deployed in order to create awareness and clean the routes of the trekking sites. With this, it helps to keep the authentic identification and the natural beauty of those sites will be restored at its best.

2) To help the children for their further studies who are affected by the natural calamities and those who live in the remote areas of Nepal.

3) To organize blood donation campaigns, cleaning campaigns and other social awareness related campaigns as operational CSR initiatives.

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