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Wondrous Nepal Tour

Destination: Nepal tour

Region: Nepal

Trip Facts

12 days
Nepal tour
2/3 star Hotel
Best Season
Sep to Dec/ March to May


Have you ever wished be on the land of Paradise? Then, Nepal is an option where wondrous cultural tour is your wonderful option. Exploring Nepal, a country brimming with lively cultures and diverse customs, is an opportunity that should not be overlooked. To truly uncover the intricate cultural heritage of this stunning nation, embarking on a tour featuring stops at Nagarkot, Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini promises to be nothing short of remarkable.

Embark on an intriguing and diverse adventure through Nepal’s cultural landscape with a visit to Nagarkot, Chitwan, Pokhara, and Lumbini. This immersive trip offers insight into the country’s storied customs, history, and traditions. Access the Asia Treks has curated numerous excursions throughout some of Nepal’s most renowned locales – ensuring that your journey will be both unforgettable and exhilarating.

A hill station near Kathmandu, Nagarkot offers awe-inspiring panoramic sights of the Himalayas. The town’s cultural sojourns may include a stop at the alluring Nagarkot View Tower to witness sweeping views of mountains and valleys. To gain insight into Nepal’s spiritually rich legacy, one can visit nearby temples like Changunarayan Temple and Namo Buddha Monastery.”

Another fascinating journey from Nagarkot to the picturesque city of Pokhara, located in western Nepal and known for its stunning lakes, mountains and opportunities for outdoor recreation. As part of your cultural tour in Pokhara, be sure not to miss out on a visit to the World Peace Pagoda – an awe-inspiring Buddhist edifice that offers panoramic vistas of both majestic peaks and serene waters below. Additionally, you may wish to explore the International Mountain Museum where you will discover engaging exhibits about Himalayan culture as well as its fascinating history. Access the Asia Treks fulfills your every wish to explore these wonderful places with every information related to them.

Visiting Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, should not be missed during a cultural exploration of Nepal. This pilgrimage site located in southern Nepal attracts travelers from around the world. When touring this place culturally, one can appreciate its Sacred Garden that houses numerous Buddhist monasteries and temples as well as Maya Devi Temple which honors where Buddha was born.

Moving forward on the journey, you reach a wonder land of Nepal situated in its southern part called Chitwan. It is an area that constitutes one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites which goes by the name ‘Chitwan National Park‘. The fame and prestige it has come not only from numerous species residing there but also due to cultural landmarks dotting various places within this wildlife reserve region.

When you establish a connection with us, we offer the opportunity to experience native cuisine throughout your cultural excursion in Nagarkot, Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini. Additionally, converse with local residents who are friendly and enthusiastic about sharing their customs and heritage.


  • Explore UNESCO world heritage sites like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Chitwan National Park, Lumbini, Syambhunath Stupa, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square and many other sacred temples and monasteries
  • View the stunning view of the sunrise and sunset from Nagarkot, one of the most visited tourist destinations of Nepal
  • Discover the Swayambhunath Stupa, also referred to as the Monkey Temple, a well-known Buddhist pilgrimage spot that offers breathtaking city views
  • Visit the renowned Pashupatinath Temple, a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva
  • Visit Bhaktapur, a historic city famous for its courtyards, churches, and brick-paved streets
  • Discover the tranquil Pokhara, which offers breathtaking views of the Annapurna mountain range and is located on the banks of Phewa Lake
  • Participate in a traditional dance show while learning about the Tharu culture and traditions of the Terai region
  • Visit the Chitwan National Park, which is home to a diversity of animals such as Bengal tigers, rhinos, and elephants. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Visit the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Lumbini, with the exciting and stunning lush forests and warm hospitality of the people
  • Adventure activities in Pokhara like Bungee Jumping and other outdoor activities like boating etc.


Day 1

After your arrival at the TIA (Tribhuwan International Airport), Kathmandu, you are received with warm and hearty welcome by our friendly and accommodating staff along with welcoming banner stand sign outside the arrival terminal. Meanwhile, it is followed up by short welcoming procedure in a typical Nepali tradition and you are escorted to the luxurious hotel in Kathmandu.

During this time period, you can feel the vibes of the bustling lifestyle of Kathmandu city. Various cultural heritages and ancient sculptures with magnificent monasteries are the center of attraction in Kathmandu city.

Furthermore, you are provided with pleasantly brief details regarding your stay in hotel. A comfortable and luxurious stay in hotel of Kathmandu for this night.

Drive duration: (30 minutes)
Accommodation: Luxurious hotel in Kathmandu City

Day 2

One of the exploratory days begins with your breakfast and a short meeting regarding the brief details of your tour. Meanwhile, our city guide provides you the brief details of the city tour allocated for this day and you are provided with the grounded private transportation for this particular tour. Kathmandu, also known as the ‘ City of Temples’ has lots of ancient monasteries, unique sculptures, important religious and cultural sites, delightful culture, customs and unique lifestyle of people living in the capital city of Nepal.

The Kathmandu Valley is a genuine gold mine of historical and cultural marvels that offer a window into Nepal’s voluminous cultural legacy. Anyone traveling Nepal should take a cultural tour of the Kathmandu Valley because there is so much to see and discover.

The Kathmandu Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is home to historic temples, shrines, and palaces, is where the journey of the Kathmandu Valley starts. The plaza, which serves as the center of historic Kathmandu, provides a wonderful introduction to the city’s extensive cultural heritage.

The Monkey Temple, also known as Swayambhunath Stupa, is our next stop. This historic Buddhist shrine is perched on top of a slope overlooking the city and provides breathtaking all-encompassing views of the valley. Visitors can watch the locals’ daily routines as the stupa is decorated with prayer flags and Buddhist imagery.

The next stop on the tour is the holy Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva, Pashupatinath Temple. The temple compound is a vast collection of ashrams, ghats, and shrines. At the nearby ghats, visitors can observe the cremation rituals, which is a sobering but fascinating experience.

The Kathmandu Valley trip also includes a stop at Bhaktapur, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The well-preserved temples, courtyards, and brick-paved avenues of this ancient city are well-known. Some of Nepal’s most intricate wood carvings can be found in Bhaktapur, a prime illustration of traditional Newari architecture.

A stop at Patan Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage site with magnificent temples, palaces, and museums, is also a part of the trip. The hub for traditional Nepalese handicrafts is in Patan, which is renowned for its intricate metalwork.

A wonderful way to experience Nepal’s diverse cultural heritage is to take a trip of the Kathmandu Valley. Visitors can become fully immersed in the local culture, see historic rituals performed, and study conventional artwork and building. The walk offers an insight into the most beautiful historically and culturally rich background.

Eventually, you can have the best glimpse of the tenacity of the people to preserve the cultural and historical aspect where you can have the unforgettable experience in this beautiful place.

Your exploration occupies some space for you to recap all those beautiful memories and understand the lifestyle and history of Kathmandu. After this beautiful journey, you are escorted back to hotel and an overnight stay at the hotel.

City Tour: Entire day
Accommodation: Luxurious hotel in Kathmandu

Day 3

After breakfast you set out for a drive to Nagarkot. The route from Kathmandu to Nagarkot is the popular route for you to take in the breathtaking natural grandeur of the Himalayas. The tiny hill town of Nagarkot, which is just outside of Kathmandu, is well-known for its expansive views of the Himalayan range.

Depending on gridlock, the trip from Kathmandu to Nagarkot takes between 2 and 3 hours. Although the route to Nagarkot is winding and steep, it is also picturesque and provides stunning views of the surrounding area.

A tiny town called Nagarkot is situated on the edge of the Kathmandu Valley and offers breathtaking panoramas of the Himalayan Mountains, including Mount Everest. A visit to Nagarkot is the ideal opportunity to avoid the bustle of Kathmandu and unwind in a beautiful and tranquil landscape.

Nagarkot is a must-visit location for you looking for a tranquil and restorative break because of its breathtaking views, cozy lodgings, and a wealth of outdoor activities to take part in.

In the afternoon, you can explore the Nagarkot view tower for panoramic views of the Himalayas.

An overnight stay at Nagarkot.

Drive duration: 2-3 hours
Accommodation: Hotel at Nagarkot



Day 4

You wake up early to catch Nagarkot’s sunrise vistas of the Himalayas. And, after breakfast you set out for a visit to the neighboring Changunarayan Temple, one of the oldest Hindu temples in the Kathmandu Valley and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nagarkot is a well-known location for viewing the spectacular sunrise and dusk over the Himalayan Mountains. a restorative vacation. Additionally, during daytime, you can go on leisurely walks through the nearby forests and countryside or explore nearby monasteries and temples.

You can take a hike to the neighboring Tamang village in the afternoon to explore local customs and culture.

And, eventually you can enjoy a typical Nepali dinner and cultural program in the evening in Kathmandu.

An overnight stay at Kathmandu.

Drive duration: 3-4 hours
Accommodation: Hotel at Kathmandu


Day 5

After breakfast, you set out for a drive to Pokhara. For travelers who want to experience Nepal’s natural grandeur and adventure sports, Pokhara is a popular route. Nagarkot, a hill town outside of Kathmandu, is renowned for its breathtaking Himalayan vistas. On the other hand, Pokhara is a stunning city in western Nepal known worldwide for its scenic lakes, mountains, and outdoor activities.

Road travel from Nagarkot to Pokhara is the fastest and most convenient option, and it typically takes 7 to 8 hours, based on traffic. The route from Nagarkot to Pokhara is picturesque and winds through lovely hills and farmland. In order to journey from Nagarkot to Pokhara in greater comfort and flexibility, you are provided with the private transportation.

During evening time, you can have the walk around in the lakeside so that you can have the best view during this time to experience the most beautiful scenario of Pokhara.

An overnight stay at Pokhara.

Drive duration: 7-8 hours
Accommodation: Hotel at Pokhara


Day 6

This day is the most beautiful day to explore as you are ready to explore the “Queen of Nepal”.

You visit the Tal Barahi Temple, which is situated on an island in Phewa Lake, in the evening time by boat. And, you explore Pokhara’s cultural and historical landmarks, such as the Bindhyabasini Temple, the Old Bazaar, and the Gurkha Museum, after brunch.

The International Mountain Museum to learn more about the geography, history, and culture of the Himalayas is also another amazing place to visit know about the cultural and historical background.

The World Peace Pagoda, a Buddhist stupa perched atop a hill with sweeping views of Pokhara and the Annapurna Range, after a half-day trek or taking a private transportation is the most amazing place to explore.

And, after the beautiful sightseeing, you are dropped off to your hotel for an overnight stay there.

An overnight stay at Pokhara.

Drive duration: 1-2 hours
Accommodation: Hotel at Pokhara


Day 7

After breakfast, you set out for an amazing adventurous tour for this day to Sarangkot. It is famous for Paragliding and Zip Line where you can have the amazing view from the top and can do these adventures to explore more about the thrilling experience in Pokhara.

Along with this, you have an option to visit the nearby Tibetan refugee camp in the afternoon to learn more about the Tibetan people’s history and way of life.


An overnight stay at Pokhara.

Drive duration: 3-4 hours
Accommodation: Hotel at Pokhara


Day 8

After breakfast, you set out for a drive to Lumbini which is the most amazing place to explore to know it’s historica background.

Depending on the amount of gridlock and the state of the roads, the trip takes 5 to 6 hours. You pass through some beautiful scenery traveling from Pokhara to Lumbini, with the snow-capped Himalayan mountains on one side and the verdant woods on the other. Although there are some bumps in the road, the breathtaking scenery more than makes up for it.

After reaching Lumbini, you can have a look around at your neighboring to observe the most beautiful scenery of the amazing place.

An overnight stay at Lumbini.

Drive duration: 6-7 hours
Accommodation: Hotel at Lumbini


Day 9

After breakfast, you set out for exploration of birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Lumbini. You are provided with the Local Rickshaw to explore every place of this particular place.

You explore the well-known Buddhist pilgrimage site, which features the Maya Devi Temple, Ashoka Pillar, and a number of other historic sanctuaries and temples. Visitors from all over the globe come to Lumbini, one of the holiest locations for Buddhists, to pay their respects to Lord Buddha. You can enjoy a guided tour of the archaeological sites in and around Lumbini, which contain several ancient ruins and monuments from the time of Buddha, such as the Kapilavastu Palace, the Tilaurakot Archaeological Site, and the Kudan Stupa.

As the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, the creator of Buddhism, Lumbini is a holy city in Nepal. Thousands of pilgrims and visitors come from all over the globe to this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can have a guided walk to the Lumbini Sacred Garden in the afternoon, which is home to a number of Buddhist temples and monasteries, including the World Peace Pagoda, the Ashoka Pillar, and the Maya Devi Temple.

You explore the local monasteries and temples in the afternoon so you can see Buddhist rituals and participate in monk meditation.

An overnight stay at Lumbini.

Drive duration: 1 hour
Accommodation: Hotel at Lumbini


Day 10

After breakfast, you set out for a drive to Chitwan where you can have the wonderful jungle safari and explore the tradition, culture and the custom of local people dwelling in this region.

You check out of your Lumbini hotel after breakfast and you travel by private transport by road to Chitwan National Park (approximately 5-6 hours).

After reaching Chitwan, you can go for a self walk to enjoy your time there.

An overnight stay at Chitwan.

Drive duration: 5-6 hours
Accommodation: Hotel at Chitwan

Day 11

After breakfast, you set out for an exploration in the most awaited place of this journey.

On a morning guided jungle stroll, you can discover the thick woods and grasslands of Chitwan National Park and spot animals like rhinos, deer, and different bird species. You can see crocodiles and other aquatic animals by paddling along the Rapti River. To see animals like tigers, leopards, and elephants in the jungle, you join a guided jeep safari or elephant safari. You can learn about the conservation efforts being made to save the endangered elephants by visiting the neighboring elephant breeding facility.

You can observe the numerous endangered types of wildlife can be found in Chitwan National Park like Bengal Tiger One-horned Rhinoceros, Asian Elephant, Sloth Bear Gharial Crocodile, Spotted Deer, Rhesus Macaque etc. These are only a few of the numerous creatures that you can see while visiting Chitwan National Park. Wild boars, sambar deer, mugger alligators, and a number of bird species are additional noteworthy species.

Eventually, in the evening time, you can take part in a cultural performance that features the native ethnic group of the Tharu people’s traditional music and dance.

An overnight stay at Chitwan.

Drive duration: 1-2 hours
Accommodation: Hotel at Chitwan


Day 12

After breakfast in Chitwan, you set out for a drive to Kathmandu.

It approximately takes around 5-7 hours to reach to Kathmandu. You are provided with the private transportation.

After having all these beautiful memories, you can recap all these moments while staying in Kathmandu and spend a quality time.

You are provided with the farewell dinner this night with all the team members uniting together.

An overnight stay at Kathmandu.

Drive duration: 5-7 hours
Accommodation: Hotel at Kathmandu

Day 13

You have to check out at your regular time before 3 hours of your flight schedule. You are dropped off to the airport after successfully accomplishing the exciting and thrilling trekking trial in Nepal.

Drive duration: 30 minute

Route Map

Route Map coming Soon!!!

Fixed Departure

Start Date End Date Price Space Left

What's Included

  • Transportation includes grounded transportation (Private transportation)
  • Accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the tour
  • An experienced guide, including all entry fees, tour guide, and private transportation
  • Full board meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner with tea/coffee during the tour
  • Best available twin sharing room for accommodation
  • Sightseeing tours in the areas covered by the tour
  • Tour map 
  • All government taxes and office service charge

What's Excluded

  • Meals not specified in the inclusions
  • Cold drinks and sweets like chocolate bar and other snacks
  • Tips for staffs
  • Travel insurance


What to Bring?
  1. Sunglasses: UV-protected, high-quality sunglasses are crucial for shielding your eyes from the glare of the sunshine.
  2. Backpack: A sturdy, roomy backpack that is comfortable to wear and has space for all of your necessities, such as water, snacks, a camera, and additional clothing.

Access the Asia Treks offers its customers a thorough packing list, equipment required, and guidance on the best supplies for their tour requirements. In order to complete this tour securely and comfortably, we want to make sure that our clients have all the required supplies.



  • Non-bio degradable materials are not allowed to dispose in the tour route randomly.
  • Proper follow of the guidance provided by the leader/guide of the tour.
  • Alcoholic beverages and other intoxicating substances are highly discouraged.


  • Passport
  • Few passport size photos for official documents
  • Personal handbag and luggage
  • Snacks and sweets like chocolate bar (if required)
  • Some personal items and sunscreen/sun cream
  • Water bottle and hat


  • Greeting ‘Namaste’ (your palms held together) is the most respectful and attractive way to greet somebody and is practiced profoundly.
  • Accessibility of internet and phone calls can be made efficient using the mobile SIM Card provided by the company itself or you can buy easily in the local market. All you need is one passport sized photo and a photocopy of your physical passport in either case.
  • There are lots of major cultural heritage sites in Kathmandu along with the ancient monasteries and sculptures. Photos are not taken unless you have asked for the permission.
  • The nightlife in Kathmandu is mostly safe and concentrated in Thamel area, one of the busiest destinations for foreigners to hang out with varied options of bars, restaurants and other places to choose from. Somehow, other areas including small towns are closed before 10pm.
  • Nepalese people are friendly, truly kind and incredibly welcoming as there is a phrase in Nepali culture ‘Guests equal Gods’. Out of the blue moon, there are several chances of being cheated. Saying this, you are somehow prone to possible travel scams. Keep yourself and your belongings safe, if you are travelling solo. It is highly recommended to have one experienced guide, taking safety into consideration.

What is the cultural tour in Nepal like?

A cultural tour in Nepal is a journey that focuses on learning about the nation’s rich history, customs, and cultural heritage. Typically, it entails going to museums, temples, monasteries, historical locations, and other places of interest.


What are Lumbini, Chitwan, Pokhara, and Nagarkot?

Nagarkot is a tiny hill town close to Kathmandu famous for its breathtaking Himalayan sunrise and sunset vistas. The southern Nepalese area of Chitwan is renowned for its cultural landmarks and wildlife sanctuary. Pokhara, a metropolis in western Nepal, is well-known for its scenic lakes, mountains, and outdoor recreation opportunities. A popular destination for tourists in southern Nepal is Lumbini, which is where the Buddha was born.


How long does a normal cultural tour of Lumbini, Nagarkot, Chitwan, and Pokhara last?

Depending on the itinerary and the amount of time spent in each location, a cultural tour of Nagarkot, Chitwan, Pokhara, and Lumbini usually lasts between 10 and 14 days. You can plan for your own trip, Access the Asia manages the perfect trip for your wonderful holiday here in Nepal. However, you can normally customize your trek and enjoy your wonderful wondrous tour of Nepal.


What are some of the traditional sites in Nagarkot that should be visited?

The Nagarkot View Tower in Nagarkot provides breathtaking panoramic views of the Himalayas. Additionally, you can go to nearby monasteries and churches like the Changunarayan Temple and the Namo Buddha Monastery. The sunset and sunrise view of Nagarkot is the most famous one nearby Kathmandu valley where you can have the amazing view from the top from one of the best place nearby Kathmandu valley.


What are a few of the cultural sites worth seeing in Chitwan?

The Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its varied wildlife and cultural attractions, is located in Chitwan. To learn more about the customs and culture of the Tharu people, you can also tour their villages. You can participate in the Tharu cultural dance show in the evening and join with them just to get to know about the culture, tradition and custom of the local people. You get to know the lifestyle and the overall scenario of the people living in this region.


What are a few of the cultural sites worth seeing in Pokhara?

In Pokhara, you can tour the World Peace Pagoda, a Buddhist monument with stunning views of the mountains and lakes. The International Mountain Museum, which presents the history and culture of the Himalayan area, is another place you can go.

Along with this, Pokhara provides some of the adventurous activities like bungee jumping, boating and zip line. You can explore the various caves and temples of Pokhara that makes your visit the memorable and exciting one.


What are some of the cultural sites in Lumbini worth visiting?

The Maya Devi Shrine in Lumbini serves as a memorial to the location of the Buddha’s birth. You can also go to the Sacred Garden, which has a number of Buddhist shrines and monasteries. There you can find the monasteries designed by the various countries in their own style. The monasteries look really amazing and stunning along with the sacred places to visit. You also have the boating availability in Lumbini where you can experience the beautiful memory while exploring this beautiful place.


What should I anticipate during a cultural tour of Nagarkot, Chitwan, Pokhara, and Lumbini?

A cultural trip of Nagarkot, Chitwan, Pokhara, and Lumbini will certainly include visits to cultural sites, lectures on local customs and history, and opportunities to take in the country’s breathtaking scenery. Additionally, you get a chance to sample local cuisine, socialize with natives, and take part in cultural events.

Most importantly, with the help of the experienced guide, you get the knowledge of cultural and historical importance of the places you visit and the warm hospitality of the people makes your trip amazing and full of excitement.




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