Nature and Wild Life

Nature and Wild Life

What is Nepal famous for? 0.1 percent of the entire globe is covered by Nepal although it is famous and widely known as the “Amazon of Asia” for the availability of various flora and fauna from the arctic to tropical region. Nepal is the premier destination around the world to explore various types of unique and mesmerizing natural beauty and wildlife diversity. Due to wildlife diversity, you can find lots of species of flora and fauna that makes you wonder and awe-inspiring.

Nepal is also the home of 867 species of birds out of which 35 bird species are listed as the endangered species thus birdlife in Nepal is also outstanding and worthy of exploration the beauty of wildlife species.

For research and photography many wildlife tourists visit Nepal to explore and to capture the most valuable moments in their lifetime. You can find indeterminate, endangered and vulnerable fauna in Nepal with unique species of flora extending from the flat Terai region to high Himalayan region including 12 National Parks.

The fact of having immensely diverse wildlife species and wildlife biodiversity, there are most widely known wildlife species including flora and fauna like Bengal Tiger, One horned rhinoceros, Snow leopard, Tibetan wolf, Himalayan Yak (Chauri Gai), Himalayan Sheep (Chayangra), Clouded Leopard (Chituwa), Asiatic elephant, Marbled cat, Rhododendron (National flower of Nepal), Spotted Deer, Wild boar, Crocodile, endangered Blackbucks etc.

Besides this, Access the Asia Treks is highly motivated and involved in tree plantation campaign and other various cleaning events for making the wildlife and other species a perfect homely environment.

The available tour to explore the wildlife and natural beauty of Nepal are:

1) National Parks Tour (Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park Tour)

Duration: 14 Days

2) Everest Region Trek (Exploring Sagarmatha National Park)

Duration: 16 Days

3) Annapurna Base Camp Trek (Annapurna Conservation Area)

Duration: 15 Days

4) Langtang Region Trek (Langtang National Park)

Duration: 10 Days

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