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Nepal is the land of Himalayas equipped with cultural and natural beauty. It comprises of three topographical regions named as Himalayan, Hilly and Terai region (flat land). Thus, there are various flora and fauna all around Nepal. “Unity in diversity” is the key factor of Nepal and biodiversity is another exciting aspect for tourism promotion. The prominent aspect of Nepal is that it is the land of paradise for those who want to explore the gigantic Himalayas and cultural immersion.

About Company

Access the Asia Treks is the reputed trekking agency established in 2016 by Nara Bahadur Khatri (Arjun). Since then, it is relentlessly working to provide the excellent service to its clients to explore the hidden treasures of Nepal. Based in the heart of Kathmandu, it is involved in various social awareness activities with helping hands all over Nepal. Profound team members with the thriving mind is the true definition of Access the Asia Team members.

Knowledge and experience

Access the Asia treks comprises of experienced team members with the thriving mind. Most of the members associated with our company have more than 10+ years of experience in tourism sector. Mr. Nara Bahadur Khatri, the CEO of this company has also contributed the tourism industry for more than 15+ years. If you choose us, you are in the good hands and you can trust us to explore the hidden treasures of Nepal.

Why Access the Asia Treks is different?

Access the Asia Treks is the company with the core team solely dedicated to provide the quality service to our clients. Well researched and properly planned itineraries are another aspect for our unique service. The packages available are designed by the experienced team members having 10+ years of experience in this field.

What to expect from us?

Our team is comprised of friendly and cooperative team members. Clients can expect a friendly and supportive environment with quality food all around the trek or tour period. Safety and gears can be the factor for successful trip. Our team provides you the day to day briefings and knowledge about the trek. You can experience the local culture and the platform is provided our experienced team members.

What we organize?

We organize Treks and expeditions, Educational tours, Rafting, Bungee jumping, Mountain Biking, Business and cultural tours and seminars for promoting tourism. In addition to this, we also provide the favorable and supportive platform for the customized trip all over Nepal.

Is Access the Asia Treks legal trekking Agency?

Access the Asia Treks is the legal government certified trekking agency with the registration number 145518/072/073. It is also associated with Nepal Association for Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), and Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN). We organize every event as per the government guidelines following its rules and regulations.

Access the Asia in social activities

Access the Asia Treks is actively working as the prominent organization to organize social awareness and helping needy children. Nara Bahadur Khatri (Arjun), CEO of Access the Asia treks is the founder of Inspire the Youth (NGO). This social organization is actively working for helping needy children and for women empowerment. Various sanitation and blood donation campaigns are also organized by this organization. Our next step is to organize sanitation program in the Himalayan region to keep our treasures safe and clean.

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