Rohit Poudel

Rohit Poudel, an accomplished city guide, brings a wealth of experience and extensive research to his role as a prominent member of Access the Asia Treks for over seven years. His dedication to exploring and understanding the nuances of each city likely allows him to offer travelers a truly immersive and insightful experience.

He is an expert to engage clients into cultural immersion with direct interaction with the indigenous people. His immense knowledge towards the cultural, historical and linguistic aspect of Nepali people has been the cherry on the top of the cake.

With his years of expertise, Rohit probably goes beyond the conventional, uncovering unique facets and hidden treasures within the destinations. His contributions likely play a pivotal role in ensuring travelers have a rich, authentic, and unforgettable journey through the diverse landscapes and cultures of Nepal.

Nawaraj Ghimire

Nawaraj Ghimire, a solidified city guide, has been an invaluable asset to Access the Asia Treks for over five years. His extensive experience and deep knowledge make him a solidified authority on the cities he navigates.

He has a wide knowledge of different places of Nepal, cultural and historical background with a charming character and friendly behavior. He has researched about the historical and cultural aspect of the local and indigenous people living in the Kathmandu Valley.

With an impressive tenure in guiding, Nawaraj likely brings a wealth of insights, hidden gems, and local expertise to every journey. His commitment and dedication to providing exceptional experiences surely contribute to making each trip memorable for travelers exploring the diverse landscapes and cultural aspect of Nepal.

Gopal Giri

Gopal Giri stands as the epitome of an experienced trekking guide, boasting an impressive tenure of over 10 years with Access the Asia Treks. His extensive experience speaks volumes about his unparalleled understanding of the trails, the mountains, and the intricacies of every trek.

Gopal’s expertise goes beyond mere navigation; it encompasses a profound knowledge of local cultures, natural phenomena, and a keen sense of ensuring the safety and satisfaction of every trekker.

With a decade-long commitment to excellence, he has become synonymous with reliability, professionalism, and an unwavering passion for the outdoors. Gopal Giri’s enduring dedication and wealth of experience continue to set the standard for exceptional trekking experiences with Access the Asia Treks.

Khil Raj Basnet

Khilraj Basnet is an exceptional trekking guide whose expertise spans over seven years with Access the Asia Treks. His proficiency extends beyond the trails, encompassing a deep understanding of the diverse landscapes and cultural nuances along the trekking routes.

With a foundation built on extensive training and practical experience, Khilraj ensures not only the safe navigation of paths but also a rich and immersive journey for every adventurer. His guidance, refined over years of exploration, fosters an environment where travelers can relish the magnificence of nature while feeling secure under his watchful eye. Khilraj Basnet’s dedication and mastery make him an indispensable asset, elevating the trekking experiences provided by Access the Asia Treks to remarkable heights.

Bal Kumar Tiwari

Balkumar Tiwari is an expert trekking guide with over five years of dedicated service at Access the Asia Treks. His expertise lies not just in navigating rugged terrains but also in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of every trekker. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Balkumar brings a profound knowledge of the trails, local culture, and the delicate balance between adventure and caution.

His commitment to providing memorable and secure trekking experiences has earned him admiration among adventurers and colleagues alike. Balkumar’s passion for the outdoors and his unparalleled professionalism make him an invaluable asset to Access the Asia Treks, shaping unforgettable journeys for all who seek the thrill of the mountains.

Puran Tiwari

Puran Tiwari, an experienced trekking guide at Access the Asia Treks, provided a decade-long journey in the field, sculpting unparalleled experiences for adventure enthusiasts. His extensive expertise and profound knowledge of the terrain make him an indispensable asset to the company.

With a deep-rooted passion for exploration and a keen eye for safety, Puran curates treks that blend thrill with meticulous planning. His guidance ensures not just an expedition but a transformative journey for every adventurer under his wing. Puran Tiwari stands as a testament to dedication, experience, and an unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled trekking experiences, solidifying Access the Asia Treks as a beacon for remarkable adventures.

Rabin Khatri

Rabin Khatri supports as the Human Resource Manager for Access the Asia Treks, bringing a wealth of expertise understanding of people management to the organization. With a career dedicated to cultivating exceptional teams, Rabin stands as the cornerstone of the company’s human capital strategy.

His proficiency lies in fostering a culture that values both personal growth and organizational success. He orchestrates recruitment drives that seek not just skill but also character, ensuring that each addition aligns with the company’s ethos.

Rabin Khatri’s leadership is characterized by a commitment to employee development, implementing training programs and mentorship initiatives that nurture talent from within. His open-door policy and empathetic outward policy create a conducive environment where team members feel valued and empowered. In the ever-evolving landscape of human resources, Rabin remains at the helm, steering Access the Asia Treks towards a bright future where the human element stands as the organization’s most indispensable asset.

Manisha Kattel

Manisha Kattel, the proficient Marketing Manager at Access the Asia Treks, depicts a dynamic career spanning six years within the adventure tourism industry. Her journey comprises a fusion of passion for travel and an astute understanding of marketing dynamics. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Manisha has become a backbone in the company’s success story.

Her strategic vision has driven Access the Asia Treks into the forefront of the industry, leveraging her comprehensive knowledge of market trends and consumer behavior. Manisha’s innovative marketing campaigns have been a driving force behind the company’s growth. Her tendency for storytelling and impactful communication has resonated with diverse audiences, establishing a strong brand presence in the competitive landscape.

Her leadership style is defined by collaboration and empowerment, nurturing a team that thrives on creativity and a shared commitment to achieving strategic objectives. With her unwavering dedication and strategic prowess, Manisha Kattel continues to steer Access the Asia Treks towards new horizons, setting benchmarks in the realm of marketing within the adventure tourism sector.

Sujan Gc

Born in Western Part of Nepal, Gulmi District, Mr. Sujan GC, is active in Tourism field for more than 12 years. He started tourism field from the administrative department recruited as an admin officer back in 2010. Since then, he joined various organizations and prominently active in organizing various social awareness and CSR initiatives held by Access the Asia Treks with the coordination of Inspire Youth Nepal. He is now working as an Executive Director in Access the Asia Treks.

He has keen interest to assist tourism industry from his role through Access the Asia Treks with his leadership skills and C-level managerial experience. He did B.E (Electronics and Communication Engineering) and pursuing MBA. His dedication and commitment towards tourism industry is praise worthy and this made him reach to this position.

Message from Mr. G.C ” To be the prominent member of Access the Asia Treks is an utter joy and happiness. We are really dedicated and committed in providing every assist and support with the quality service to our clients with our available resources. We have the best reputation from our clients till the date that has inspired us to acquire more and more in future. We as a team are collaborating to make this year 2023 a successful one. And, I am personally very excited to help our team formulate plans and execute our plans for the excellent customer service making our company as one of the best companies in upcoming year.”

Nara Bahadur Khatri(Arjun)

Born in the remote village of Nepal, Khotang District, Mr. Nara Bahadur Khatri (Arjun) has reached to this milestone with the relentless dedication and hard work in this sector for more than 15+ years. He first served to this tourism industry as Trekking Sherpa and promoted to trekking leader serving the clients with the optimum utilization of his skills. Showing his commitment and progressive nature, he has got numerous awards and achievement regarding “Best guide for customer service of the year” in 2012 and many more.

His journey to this field further went on to fulfill his dream to establish a trekking company and this dream came true in 2016 when he founded a trekking company, Access the Asia Treks. Since then, he is active as the CEO of the company providing the necessary guidance to the team for the upliftment of the company.

He is nature lover and mountain explorer who is continuously working to help clients experience the lifestyle of Himalayan Region and to learn the mountaineering skills. He has completed bachelor degree in Business Studies and involved in various social service activities working as the co-founder of Inspire Youth Nepal.

Message from Mr. Khatri ” When I started my journey in this field, I was recruited as Trekking Sherpa. I have been through the base of this field and trying to understand more everyday regarding client’s satisfaction and team work. Since the beginning, we are working as a team and trying to be progressive and productive as far as possible. I want to thank everyone who helped me reach to this position from the deepest core of my heart. We are looking forward to organizing quality treks reaching the clients expectation to the level best.”

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